Public meetings for Source Protection Plan Review

Event Date: Jun 06, 2018 - Jun 14, 2018

Public Meetings set for Source Protection Plan Review

June 6    at  7pm - Callander Legion, 345 Lansdowne Street
June 14  at  7pm - North Bay, 15 Janey Avenue

All policies established to protect sources of municipal drinking water in North Bay, Mattawa, Powassan, Callander and SOuth River are now in place and being implemented according to North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority's Source Protection Plan Annual Report.

"The report provides an update on the status of policies and explains some challenges and findings that arose through the process of implementation," said Sue Miller, Manager of the Drinking Water Source Protection Program.

A policy review is now underway, with changes anticipated for the Callander and North Bay sections of the Source Protection Plan.  Public meetings will be held as part of the review.

"With respect to algae blooms in Callander Bay, we now have more than ten years of research and experience working with land owners to increase our understanding of the problem.  We have information to share with the community," said Miller.

The public meeting in Callander will give the community an opportunity to hear what has been learned, what still needs to be researched, and how new knowledge may change the approach to dealing with the algae problem.  The meeting will also provide a valuable opportunity to gain input and feedback from residents in Callander-Wasi watershed.

For the North Bay system, the vulnerability of the intake was scored too low originally and will likely need to be increased.  This potentially means that additional activities will be identified as threats which will need to managed.

"During implementation we discovered that the portion of the Trout Lake watershed vulnerable to contamination is somewhat larger than first thought," says Sue Miller.  The public consultation in North Bay will address this and other issues.

The Source Protection Plan (SP Plan) is a set of policies aimed at identifying and mitigating threats to sources of the five municipal drinking water sources in the source protection area.  The 2017 Source Protection Annual Report covers progress between when the SP Plan came into effect on July 1, 2015 and December 31, 2017.  Both the Source Protection Plan and the Annual Report can be viewed at

The Drinking Water Source Protection Program is funded by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

For more information:
Sue miller, Manager, Source Water Protection 705-474-5420 ext. 2018
Sue Buckle, Manager, Communications and Outreach 705-474-5420 ext. 2010