Apr 26, 2013 -

THIS IS A flood watch NOTIFICATION: The potential for flooding exists within the Lake Nipissing watershed.  Municipalities, emergency services and individual landowners in flood-prone areas should prepare. This Watch replaces the Watershed Condition Statement Released on Monday April 22, 2013.

Note: This flood outlook does not supersede the Flood Watch that was issued for Lake Nipissing by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) on April 22, 2013, or the Flood Warning that was issued by the MNR for the South River, French River and the Sturgeon River watersheds on April 21, 2013. It is intented to provide information on the status of the Lake Nipissing shoreline within the City of North Bay and the Municipality of Callander.

The level of Lake Nipissing is continuing to rise.  The water level is currently 195.94m above sea level.  This elevation is 5cm higher than yesterday, 43cm above the long-term average.  Flows and elevations on the French River are also on the rise.

No significant precipitation is forecasted over the next five days.  Daytime and nighttime temperatures will remain above zero, with daytime temperatures hitting the double-digits.  Wind speeds are forecasted to range between 15-20km/h, out of the south and southwest.

These high daytime and nighttime temperatures are also being forecasted for the northern part of the Lake Nipissing watershed where snow remains on the ground.  Between 52mm and 167mm of water is contained in the snow pack in the upper watershed.  The forecasted temperatures will cause the snowpack to melt, releasing water into the system and raising the water level of Lake Nipissing.

In addition to the rising water level, the remaining ice on Lake Nipissing is also a concern.  Wind direction and speed will be a determining factor for potential damages along the shoreline.  Damage has already been reported in the West Ferris area, North Bay.

The NBMCA is also monitoring the lake level in anticipation of operating the Parks Creek Backflood Control Structure.  This structure will be put into operation when the elevation of Lake Nipissing reaches 196.22m.  This structure will prevent the high water from Lake Nipissing from flowing into Parks Creek, therefore preventing backflow of water into homes in the West Ferris area.

We encourage municipalities to monitor conditions along the Lake Nipissing shoreline.  A watch on local conditions and updated forecasts and warnings from Environment Canada is also encouraged.

Staff at the NBMCA will continue to monitor weather and watershed conditions and provide updates if conditions change.

Susan Brownlee, Duty Officer.  705 474-5420