Grandchildren Planting Trees along Chippewa Creek

May 15, 2018 -

Grandparents together with theirgrandchildren planted 300 trees today to help restore a part of ChippewaCreek’s shoreline, part of the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority’splanting program.

By planting nativetrees along the Chippewa Creek EcoPath with their grandchildren, 30 seniors fromLiving Fit and their grandchildren are enhancing the community, improving waterquality, mitigating the effects of climate change and providing more habitatfor wildlife.

“GrandchildrenPlanting Trees provides a great opportunity for seniors to forge a lastingmemory with their grandchildren and foster life-long stewardship. These youngpeople can look back on the tree planting event with pride and visit thesetrees year after year to see their efforts grow,” said Reilly Henderson,NBMCA’s Stewardship Supervisor.

Funding for thisevent was made possible from a grant from TD Friends of the Environment. Thisevent is part of NBMCA’s Restore Your Shore Program.

The Restore YourShore Program allows shoreline and streambank landowners to take part in aprogram where free trees, shrubs and plants are provided.  There is also assistance available to do theplanting.

Interested shorelineand streambank property owners can contact Reilly Henderson at 705 474-5420 oremail or visit

The Chippewa CreekEcoPath is a community initiative to restore and enhance the natural andheritage values of Chippewa Creek through education and stewardship.

Living Fit fromthe Inside-Out is a women’s club connecting to improve their physical,mental, and spiritual health in a caring and supportive environment.

Trees for Nipissing aims to create a more park-likesetting in and around Nipissing District.

Media Contact: 

Reilly Henderson, Stewardship Supervisor 705474-5420

Sue Buckle, Manager Communicationsand Outreach 705 474-5420