Sewage Systems

Please note the following information pertains to new sewage system installations only. Garage, land review and planning reviews require separate inspections.

New Permit Applications

It is up to the permit holder to notify the NBMCA when the project is ready for any of the inspections listed.  All inspections must be booked a minimum of 24 hours in advance, and three successful inspections are required prior to the issuance of a Notice of Completion.  All three inspections are to be completed prior to the permit expiration date (one year from date of issue).

1. Preliminary Site Inspection (Pre-permit approval)
Preliminary Site Inspection upon which proposed location of bed shall be staked out and test holes with a minimum depth of 1.5metres shall be present in such location;

2. Substantial Completion Inspection (Post-permit approval)
Prior to the request for inspection, please provide the NBMCA with the information below:

  • The Grain size analysis (filter graph, if applicable) and weight bills for filter media.
  • Any maintenance agreements associated with the sewage system.

A Substantial Completion Inspection is required once the above-mentioned documents have been submitted and when the sewage system has been installed, prior to the backfilling of the components.  The following must be fully exposed and/or present and/or operational prior to scheduling an inspection:

  • Tanks
  • Distribution Box
  • All Distribution Pipes exposed
  • Any/All increased Contact Area exposed
  • Geotextile or Untreated Building Paper on-site
  • Pumps, Pump Chamber and Alarms installed and operational

3. Final Grading Inspection (Post-permit approval)
The Final Grading Inspection occurs when construction of the sewage system is complete.  This inspection will be requested by owner/installer once the grading is complete, the mantle has been covered with topsoil, and the growth of shallow rooted vegetation covers a minimum 60% of the sewage system.

A Notice of Completion will be issued once all three inspections are complete.