Integrated Watershed Management Strategy 2015-2034

Integrated Watershed Management (IWM) is the process of managing human activities and natural resources on a watershed basis, taking into account social, economic and environmental issues, as well as community interests in order to manage water resources sustainably.

The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) has prepared an Integrated Watershed Management Strategy (IWMS) to plan and coordinate the management of the subwatersheds within NBMCA's jurisdiction for the next 20 years. This IWMS evaluates the needs of 20 subwatershed that fall within 11 municipalities and 15 unorganized townships. 

The recommendations provided in the IWMS on key projects, studies and information gaps that need to be fulfilled are intended to guide the successful management of these watersheds and the future actions of the NBMCA and its partners in a collaborative manner.  This strategy considers the latest information available, identifies information gaps, and evaluates whether subwatershed management frameworks are meeting current needs.

Two documents both inform and support this Draft IWMS: a Technical Background Report (which reviews and updates relevant background watershed information including the impacts of climate change and land use change, and assesses past management efforts) and a Map Atlas (which graphically displays NBMCA physical characteristics and resources).

To be successful, integrated watershed management requires collaborations and involvement of a variety of community interests and water users including municipalities, businesses, residents, agencies and landowners.  Through the IWM planning process, which involved a multi-stakeholder Steering Committee, priority issues were identified, goals set, and recommendations made as to what actions need to be taken and by whom.

Please note: The Technical Background Report had to be digitally reduced in size in order to post on the website.  The maps, therefore are of a very low resolution.  For a higher quality copy of the Technical Background Report on a disk, please contact Katelyn Lynch, Water Resources Engineer, NBMCA 705-474-5420.