Sewage Systems

Permit Approval Process
The approval process for permits (not reviews) generally consists of screening the application for completeness, a site evaluation inspection, technical review and issuance of a permit.  An approved permit is required prior to start of construction. The steps to permit approval are outlined as follows:

1. Complete Application & Site Inspections
A screening of the application will determine if the applicant has provided all the required information.   The screening of the application is not a technical review, it is a cursory review and incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant. 

Providing all the information requested has been submitted to the NBMCA, a site inspection will be required.  It is the applicant/owner’s responsibility to schedule/request the inspection when the application is complete and the site is ready.  The location of property lines and all proposed sewage system components should be clearly marked out on the site.  Test holes must be excavated in the proposed location of the sewage system and they are to be 1.5 metres in depth or to Rock/Hardpan/High Groundwater Table. 

Following the successful completion of a site evaluation inspection and receipt of a completed application, a technical review of the application will be carried out within the time frames outlined in the Ontario Building Code.

2. Technical Review
The technical review and site evaluation inspection information will assess the application for:

  • Compliance with the Ontario Building Code and Building Code Act;
  • Compliance with any increased clearance distances adopted by the Township or Municipality in an Official Plan or Zoning By-Law;
  • Suitability of the submitted design documentation and supporting information;
  • Conformance of the design application to the principles of sound engineering, and to include the proper operation of the sewage system.

Where the Inspector determines that the design is unsatisfactory for any reason, the applicant will be advised of the non-compliance and an amended application will be required.

3. Issuance of the Permit
Upon issuance of a permit, you will receive:

  • Copies of the Sewage System Permit issued (authorizing the installation of an On-Site Sewage System).  A copy must be posted on-site prior to construction of the sewage system.
  • Copies of the Authorized Sewage System Specifications outlining the design as submitted and subsequently approved by the NBMCA, also to be posted on-site.
  • A copy of the approved site plans: aerial and cross-sectional.

Once a permit has been issued, construction may begin. Further inspections will be required to complete the process.