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Friends of Laurier Woods is a non-profit charitable organization that is committed to preserving the area in the City of North Bay known as Laurier Woods Conservation Area. The group is community-based with its membership made up of concerned citizens from the North Bay area.

Years ago, members of the Nipissing Naturalists Club discovered Laurier Woods' superior birdwatching qualities and took an initial interest in the area. These individuals realized that unless action was taken to protect the woods, its unique ecosystem and recreational opportunities would be lost.

The small group of naturalists began promoting the importance of Laurier Woods and encouraged the City of North Bay, the Conservation Authority, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Nipissing University to take an interest in the area. In 1991, they drafted the by-laws to formally form The Friends of Laurier Woods.

Since 1991, The Friends of Laurier Woods has continuously promoted the importance of the Laurier wetlands; conducted public nature and birdwatching tours of the woods; documented wetland features found in Laurier Woods; and, in partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, contributed funding to the purchase of 9.5 acres of Laurier
Woods wetland habitat.

In 2006, Friends of Laurier Woods officially became co-owners of the Laurier Woods property with the North Bay - Mattawa Conservation Authority. As a conservation area, the Laurier Woods now fall under the protection of the Conservation Authorities Act, securing the area for future enjoyment.

You can help by joining Friends of Laurier Woods. Every new member contributes by strengthening our community support and by providing membership dollars that can be used for the future purchase and maintenance of this unique habitat.

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Friends of Laurier Woods
15 Janey Avenue
North Bay, ON  P1C 1N1

Friends of Laurier Woods 

Board of Directors

Lori Beckerton
Ike Chrest
Susan Christain
Kaye Edmonds
Dave Hackett
Bill Hagborg
David Haist
Terri Haist
Craig Hurst
Catherine Mayne
Chris Mayne
Dennis McDonald
Randy Morrison
Joyce O'Halloran
Fred Pinto
Paul Smylie
Troy Storms
Richard Tafel
Peter Thomas
Glenn Tunnock