Watershed Planning, Development & Permits

Watershed management is a science-based decision making tool which balances environmental interference with the need for the community’s continued growth and development. The  North Bay - Mattawa Conservation Authority's (NBMCA) watershed management process is designed to enhance the environmental, social and economic well-being of the region.


By understanding our region’s natural resources, the NBMCA is able to better predict the outcomes and/or risks associated with certain activities. For instance, a central focus of the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority’s watershed management program is on the protection of people and property from flooding and erosion. By gathering data regarding the floodplain, the NBMCA is able to identify areas of land at high risk of flooding when water levels rise. This information then enables the NBMCA to assist developers and municipalities with the location of new construction – preserving both time and money by avoiding construction in a potential floodplain.


The North Bay – Mattawa Conservation Authority’s integrated watershed management activities involve flood forecasting and water level monitoring, inspecting sewage systems, issuing permits and assessing development plans.

What is a watershed?

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Floodplain Management

Snow Pack Measurements 1987-2017

Water Management

Permits & Approvals

Did you know?
The NBMCA logo was designed in 1972 and represents the North Bay escarpment, Trout Lake,
Lake Nipissing, and the Mattawa River.