2008 Results
Mattawa River Canoe Race
Special Events

Thirty teams from across Ontario and Eastern Canada battled stormy weather, high water levels and five mandatory portages as they competed for the top spot in the North Bay - Mattawa Conservation Authorityís 32nd annual Mattawa River Canoe Race. The 64 kilometer race, sponsored by the Foster Wild Environmental Fund, attracted competitors ranging in age from 14 years to 72 years old.  The C2 Open team of Dave Johnston and Rene Boogemans, of Strathroy and Hensall respectively, were the recipients of the North Bay Nugget Amateur Trophy, finishing with a time of six hours, 12 minutes and one second.

First place finishers in the other race categories are:

C2 Open:  Dave Johnston of Strathroy and Rene Boogemans of Hensall with a time of 6:12:01.

C2 MIXED:  Wayne Gregory and Liz Loek with a time of 6:17:19.

C1 OPEN:  Don Stoneman from Cambridge with a time of 6:57:31.

RECREATIONAL MENíS A: Mark Clout of North Bay and Bill Okanik of Port Colborne with a time of 7:40:50.

RECREATIONAL MIXED A: Ellen Pazdzior and Gunther Krausbar from Ottawa with a time of 6:45:14.

RECREATIONAL MENíS B: Ken and Jim Jeanneault from North Bay with a time of 7:48:15.

RECREATIONAL MIXED B: Yannick and Wanda Lockhead from Ottawa with a time of 8:43:03.

RECREATIONAL WOMENíS: Fern Harris from Parry Sound and Marilyn Mackenzie from Bracebridge with a time of 9:55:40.

RECREATIONAL FAMILY A: Susan Weiskopf and Joshua MacDonald of North Bay with a time of 1:53:43.

RECREATIONAL FAMILY B: Charles and Etienne Pepin from Astorville with a time of 1:42:35.

OPEN KAYAK:    Shawn Menard from Ottawa with a time of 8:03:19.

Second Place finishers are as follows:

C2 OPEN:  Michael and Michael Kennedy from Uxbridge with a time of 7:45:29

C2 MIXED:  Stan Anusiewicz of Brights Grove and Andrea Keay of Lindsay with a time of 6:27:28.

C1 OPEN:  Stephen Hebert from Ottawa with a time of 7:00:57.

RECREATIONAL MENíS A: Jim Lorimer of Bath and Robert Clooney from Kingston with a time of 7:59:12.

RECREATIONAL MIXED A: Helen Scissons from Coboconk and Ray Healey from Cameron with a time of 7:38:42.

RECREATIONAL MIXED B: Sharon Cushing and Dean Sloan from Toronto with a time of 10:41:21.

RECREATIONAL MENíS B: Otto Schreiber from Ottawa and Marvin Doran from South Hampton with a time of 8:01:05.

RECREATIONAL WOMENíS: Shawna Fournier and Stephanie Beaulieu from North Bay with a time of 10:39:10.

RECREATIONAL FAMILY B: Allison Mirault and Cory Gostick from North Bay with a time of 1:59:02.

Third Place finishers are as follows:

C1 OPEN:   Andre Leblanc from Mindemoya with a time of 7:02:25.

RECREATIONAL MENíS A: Steve Pigeau and Lorne Byers from North Bay with a time of 8:47:30.

RECREATIONAL MIXED A: Jerri and Barry Clout from North Bay with a time of 7:38:43.

RECREATIONAL MENíS B: Torsten Schlueting and Blair Jackson from North Bay with a time of 8:33:22.

RECREATIONAL FAMILY B: Zach and Lisa Cordick from Cameron with a time of 2:04:07.

All other race results will be available on Monday, July 28th.  Please contact Paula Loranger at 474-5420 ext. 2002 if you require further information.